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Reverse Beacon Network as a Tool to Check Propagation and Who Can Hear Your Signal

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Alex, VE3NEA has made several nice sw tools for ham use. One of them is CW Skimmer. As I do not have SDR and have not yet connected my radio to the PC, I have not used it myself, but there is a growing ham community group using it also for other ham's benefit - mine, too.

Felipe, PY1NB has set up a web site (www.reversebeacon.net) where you can see from a real time World map who are CQing on the bands (on CW). And how well the signals are heard. The site aggregates CW Skimmer information from hams all over the world. You can restrict the view to certain bands and also search for specific callsigns. I took a screenshot while CQing on 40m using the new vertical setup. My station is the red spot in the top middle (South Finland) heard in Europe, Australia, Japan and  Iceland. The listing shows whose CW Skimmer was listening and what was the signal to noise ratio.

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