QSOmonth - March 2009

Friday, 17 April 2009 06:41 oh7ug QSOing

The 80m vertical, which is my only antenna, works still fine, though getting dx on other bands than 80m is tougher. Any dx seems to attract huge number of callers immediately when it is spotted on dxcluster. And if the dx is rare the band police will be there, too. My overall DXCC count hit 240 mark in March and 200 on 40m.

March started well in qsoing terms and ended a bit short, but still over 100 qsos. First March qso was with EA6NB on 30m cw on the 1st March and last on 29th with BW9/DL2JRM/P (IOTA AS-103) on 80m cw.

March QSO statistics:

DX 90 (86 on cw, 4 on ssb)
EU 25 (21 on cw, 4 on ssb)
QSO total 115 (107 on cw, 8 on ssb)

80m 26 (26 on cw, – on ssb)
40m 34 (29 on cw, 5 on ssb)
30m 21 (21 on cw, – on ssb)
20m 32 (30 on cw, 21 on ssb)
17m 2 (1 on cw, 1 on ssb)

Band highlights:
80m VK9A, XW
40m VK9L, 5X1, PY, DY1
30m 3W2, V51, PJ5, XU
20m VQ9, ZL, 6Y, C9
17m V51

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